If you give a Logan a Moose…

We got to borrow Melvin the Moose from daycare this weekend, so we though we’d share our adventures.

If you let Logan Shejen borrow Melvin…

If you let Logan borrow a moose,

He will want to read it a story and practice making silly faces when he wakes up. 

Waking up will remind him that it’s a great day to take Melvin to the pumpkin patch.

He will pick out the cutest pumpkin and want to pose.


Pumpkins will remind him that he wants to carve his pumpkin into a jack o lantern.

Jack o lanterns have fire in them to glow, and that will make Melvin want to go ride the fire truck.


Riding the fire truck will remind Logan of his Uncle Mike who was a firefighter.

Uncle Mike lives in Maine and has a real moose in his house!

 Thinking about a real moose will remind Logan of how big Moose are in real life. Just like Logan’s favorite dinosaur – the diplodocus.
 Hugging a diplodocus reminds Logan that it’s nice to have small versions like Melvin to keep and snuggle in bed!

 Which reminds Logan to make moose ears because it’s not every weekend that you get to borrow a moose like Melvin!



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