2012 Holiday Letter from Camden

Dear Everyone,

2012 began simply enough.  I thought that we would end the year a happy family of three + two kitties, however Mom & Dad broke the news early in the year that I would be a big sister.  I wasn’t sure what that really meant. Mom felt sick, and I like to tell everyone that we needed to call an ambulance because she needed to see a doctor (I learned about ambulances from the show “Bubble Guppies” on TV.)! Anyways, I kept waiting and waiting, and some days mom felt fine, and others she said that she was really tired.

In the meantime, life around my house was also busy.  Mom & Dad began a construction project to make room for baby Logan.  Our friend Gino, his crew & dog Sam came over every day to work on the house.  They built a motorcycle castle (a shed).  Then, they started on my room.  The garage was enclosed and finished to become my new green room. I have a big girl bed (a twin over full bunk bed!) that has my name and elephants on it and is pink and green. Gino also built me my own bathroom downstairs (she does share with the family, and mommy is really happy to have a big shower!).  I go to the potty now, and wear undies during the day.  Sometimes I still make Dora sad (has an accident in her Dora undies), but I try to keep her happy because when I do I get candy!

I like to play in my new room – I play with my Tinkerbell dolls, my baby doll, Pink House (Kristen’s childhood doll house that Great Grandpa Stenvall made and that Grandma & Grandpa brought up from NJ for Camden) my stuffed animals puppies Sam & Bolt, my kitchen, my jump-a-jump (trampoline), and my tea party (tea set).  My room is fun!

But I also like to go to school.  I like my teachers and my friends, and recently moved from the Toddler class to the Preschool room.  They are big kids, and I have to make sure that I don’t make Dora sad now!  No more diapers at school.

Mommy had to go see the doctor and stay at the hospital, and Baby Logan came home.  Our little Logan Matthew was born at 12:03 AM on September 1st and I have been in love with him from the first moments. He goes to my school now too, and is in the room with the babies.  He’s a little one and I like to hold him and pet his head.  He drinks diddy milk too (my favorite drink is “diddy milk” which is Carnation instant breakfast.  Because Logan’s formula is also a powdered milk drink, I say that he drinks diddy milk as well). He’s really smiley, and I love him.  He’s also very cute and says “Ah Goo” and “Hiccup.” I’m not sure what he’s saying.  He needs to learn some sign language or something!

I’m not a baby.  I get to do gymnastics (at Daggett Gold Medal Gym) and I like to jump on the trampolines and do tuck and rolls.  I wear my gymnastics (what I call a leotard) and am not allowed to wear my boppities (I will only wear dresses – the more full & flouncy the better.  I made up the word “boppities” for them.).  Daddy and Mommy come and do gymnastics with me.

Daddy doesn’t always come, and sometimes is in New York or Ohio or Delaware or Brazil or Maine.  He goes to New York the most.  I say hi to him on the phone and through the snow globe he brought me of NYC.  I like New York, but miss daddy when he’s there.  But Mommy lets me eat cookies when he’s gone.  Sometimes we make cupcakes too.  I’m not supposed to tell him.  Don’t tell either –it’s a secret!  Daddy got a promotion at work and is now an Assistant Vice President at MetLife.  Mommy says that she’s so proud of him.  Daddy is a good boy.  Good boy, Daddy!  I am Mommy’s good girl.  She tells me that when I go potty.   I am smart and strong and beautiful and I go pee pee on the potty.

I can’t wait for Christmas. I saw you, Santa and want to make sure that you bring me a lollypop.  Baby Logan would like one too. I saw my family in Maine for Thanksgiving.  (I’m sad to share that Daddy’s Grandfather passed away this fall.  Dad, Mom and I miss him immensely. We are grateful that Grap did get to meet Logan, and he passed on many words of wisdom to him when we visited, just like he’d shared with me.).

I’m done writing now.  I want some diddy milk.  Let’s watch Bubble Guppies. No. The Wiggles.  No. Dora!  Look – the dance truck (aka Ice Cream Truck). C’mon – let’s go!  Later alligator.

Happy Holidays, everybody!


(and Matt, Kristen, Logan, & the kitties)





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