Shejen Inc. 2012 Annual Report

Shejen Inc. 2012 Year end Report

Jan 1st 2013

Change in Management; All-Time Highest Diaper Use and Formula Intake; New Time Accounting Standards Adopted, Business expansion

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts – Jan 1, 2012 – Shejen Inc. today announced household results for its fiscal 2012 fourth quarter ended Dec 25, 2012.  The most notable change this quarter was the change in management.  President and CEO, Camden Elizabeth Shejen (Cam for short), took a bold move on September 1st by replacing her existing CFO Cameron “Puma” Shejen with Logan Matthew Shejen. Logan accepted the position at 12:03am and quickly thereafter launched his new “smiles to everyone” campaign. In a recent appearance on Bloomberg, Camden announced the wild success of Logan’s campaign and announced her plans to add customer centricity to Logan’s role. This move effectively told the market that was not only worried about the bottom line, but also the feelings of the customers along the way.

Cameron Shejen (Puma) has recently finished her JD in business law and cat and mouse games, so was moved to the vacant Legal and Compliance leader, filling a much needed role within the organization. Her skills as a night cat have also allowed nearly 24 hour coverage of the operation, further expanding the performance of the operation.

Overall growth of Shejen Inc. over the 2012 year appears very strong, and the outlook for 2013 is even stronger, even with the downturn of the economy. The strength in leadership will continue to be a key driver of this as seen via the comparison percentiles for the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) below) for our two key staff, both our leaders are well above average.

Diaper Usage

In the 117 days since Logan took the helm as the CFO the company posted a diaper consumption totaling 936 diapers or roughly 1284.8 cubic feet of waste.  The company consumed 1053 diapers in the quarter, representing 100 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. “It is a strategic change for Shejen, Inc.” said the company’s President & CEO, Camden Shejen.  “We started with feline management and the scoops of kitty litter.  We then moved into using the diaper standard in 2010.  Now, under the leadership of our chief marketing officer, we have started to mix product offerings from our core “diaper” line to a new product call “underpants.”  The research and development team started working on the “Underpants” in October after our costs started to spiral out of control due to the “two in diapers & Two in Daycare” accounting method.  After a lot of training, we have almost hit a 50/50 split between diapers and Underpants within Shejen inc. Underpants are a new concept to our business but allow for greater durability, and a reusable factor not seen in our Diaper line. Our goal is to have a 100% underpants line by the end of 2016.

Formula Intake

A new unprecedented lean six sigma initiative revolves around the intake and outtake has truly transformed the way we do business over the last year. We two primary operating structure, Formula and Biofuels.

Our operating officer has calculated that this year we have seen roughly 3016oz of formula go into the business, which of course resulted in approximately 936 of the diapers above. “If you annualize that consumption, it’s no surprising that Shejen Inc. could hit 12,000ml by the end of 2013. A strong showing in the supplementing of formula consumption with breast milk – procured through a special marketing co-op program by Chief Marketing Officer, Kristen Shejen, has proved most helpful with cost cutting as well.   While we don’t rely only on breast milk production alone, it does appear to be offsetting the total amount of formula needed to fuel this portion of Shejen inc.

As with our past years strategy, we will continue to transition to the “whole food biofuel” model as we progress through next year.  While typical “bi-ped” biofuels are strong, we love to note that the feline biofuel intake has remained strong as well. Our biofuels still stand as the “meat and Potato’s” of our business with Shejen Inc. always hitting 3 meals a day with occasional snacks. A bi-product of this strength is an equal strength in relationship with our partners like Costco which are seeing record partnership fees from our company. “We will need to start going “lean,” said the CAO, although good for morale, the 52+ pizzas and 52+ Taco nights a year need to be offset with a salad night so as not to require too much future belt tightening.”

Time Accounting and Operations

Staffing has increased during the past year resulting in many operational activities being prioritized and altered as well. COO, Matthew Shejen has spearheaded a Lean Six Sigma initiative, which has eliminated unnecessary functions from Shejen Inc.  “We’ve taken a look at how we can do things smarter… not harder.” says the COO.  “All activities are currently under review.  Initially, sleeping and eating were the first areas to take a hit, but productivity levels diminished, so we’ve been finding ways to split shifts of our employees to maximize our efficiencies.”  One way to improve these was through the use of outside consultants have been used when our operations are nearing burnout. “While production is high and sleep is climbing, I don’t anticipate activities such as video gaming and hairbows (37 this year) will be returning too quickly next year. Routine exercise management will have a stronger focus in the near future, as a direct result of the biofuels issue mentioned previously. “We especially want to make sure things are in great shape with the company outing in North Carolina coming up.” says COO Matthew.

Overall travel has increased significantly over the last year. Below are some key statistics:

1 trip to the following locations: India, Brazil, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Maryland,

22 Trips to NY totaling 31 days

Our Springfield MA corporate headquarters has also gone under major renovations to allow for the additional headcount. The current home office has gone from a 2 bed 1.5bath to a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath with a shed out back. This major renovation along with a refinance of the mortgage should allow for another 2 years in the area before another expansion to a new facility will be needed. (Many thanks to our contractor Gino)

Marketing Initiatives

Company marketing and communications have increased tremendously under new management.  While initially unable to keep up with the demands for company photos and status, Chief Marketing Officer, Kristen Shejen passed a genius rule regulating a required monthly blog letter and a picture of the day (to family).  Both these initiatives have been widely accepted as an industry best practice and have yielded vast amounts of good will accounting. The corporate website ( has all you need to keep up with the company and showcases the blog.

One of the larger Marketing initiatives this year was the decision to start a partnership with “Family tree beef Jerky.” The president of this business, Sarah Rossiter (formally Shejen), has mastered the product recipe and is working on building out a new state of the art facility for future distribution. While we have suffered a few delays due to contractor negotiations, we are still well under budget and on track for full scale deployment in Maine next year. This partnership will bring in alternative revenue streams for both companies and we are excited to see what the future brings.

The Founder

Amoungst all the companies achievements last year we had one sad note to mention in our annua report. The found of Shejen Inc. Daniel M. Shejen (Grap) passed away this year. Grap was the reason this company got it’s start over 86 years ago and was the reason it still stands today. His pioneer spirt will live on in our corporate vision and strategy for all the future generations to come. He will be missed.

Press Contacts:

  • Chairman of the Board – Cortana Shejen
  • President & CEO – Camden Elizabeth Shejen
  • Chief Financial Officer & Customer Centricity Leader – Logan Matthew Shejen
  • Chief Operating Officer – Matthew Shejen
  • Chief Marketing Officer – Kristen Shejen
  • Chief Legal & Compliance Counsil – Cameron Puma Shejen
  • NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information visit Shejen Inc’s PR website, or call Shejen Inc’s Media Helpline.

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